Buy School Management ERP System at Best Price in India
POSTED BY :  Shivam ,  PUBLISHED :  08 JUN, 2020    UPDATED :  11 JUN, 2020
Buy School Management ERP System at Best Price in India

School Manager : School Management System

School Manager is the latest and most complete School Automation Software which is suites for each and every educational institute like school, college, coaching, and universities. A School can manage every thing Using this Automation School Software. School Manager is a fully ACL Based, Organized Features, Unlimited Language, Exclusive Reports, and Secure web-based School Management System with well documented.

All Features

School Manager - School Management ERP System cover all the module that is required to automate your school. All features are given below :


We can see all the detailed information about our school with the help of charts and counter in the dashboard like total students, teachers, employees, incomes, expenditure, messages, and coming events.


With the help of Settings features, we can set General Settings, Payment Settings, and SMS Settings in our school management system.


Using Theme Features, We can change the look of the front-end website of our school. We provided 10+ attractive themes.


We can run our school management system with 20+ languages that make it easier to use and more understandable.


The administrator can create Academic Session for school and manage all User Roles, Role Permission, User, Reset User Password, and Database Backup.

Humar Resource

Admin can manage all employees and designation using human resource features like a new employee and designation create, update, and delete.


On the Teacher module, We can add, update, and delete a teacher and assign it to a class and make it a class teacher.


The administrator can manage all classes in their own school.


The administrator can manage all sections of class in the school.


We can create, update, and delete subjects for any class and assign them to the class.


Syllabus module allows the teachers to post the daily coverage of syllabus class-wise, month-wise coverage, reference books/textbooks for the subjects.

Class Routine

Manage a timetable for each class and section. Assign the staff and subject to a particular time slot. Make changes to the timetable based on the availability of the staff/teacher. Administer the lunch break and other breaks as per your school rules.


Guardian / Parent can check day to day activities like Classwork, Home Work, Student attendance, download report, Time Tables and events, and many more features.


In the Student module, we manage Student Admission, Bulk Admission, Advanced Admission, and student activities.


At Attendance Feature, we not only manage student attendance but also teacher attendance and employee attendance.


Using Assignment Features, we assign each student a task every day, with class wise, subject wise and deadlines. We can upload any file for students such as Word file or PDF file.


Exam module allows users to manage all exams such as exam creation, exam settings, etc.

Exam Schedule

Exam Schedule modules allow users to manage the exam timetable. We can set exam dates, exam start time, exam end time, and exam room.

Exam Suggestion

The Exam Suggestion module allows teachers to give exam suggestions along with documents that students can view on the school web portal.

Exam Attendance

The Exam Attendance module allows teachers to take exam attendance of all students at one touch.

Exam Mark

Using Exam Marks module teachers can enter exam marks of students, create an exam mark sheet, and exam mark sheet send to students by email or SMS.


Using the promotion module, teachers can promote students from the current class to the next class for higher studies.


The certificate module allows the teacher to create different types of certificates such as transfer certificates, character certificates and etc.


Using the library module, the librarian can manage books, library members, issue books, book returns, and library inventory.


Admin can manage school transport vehicles, routes, transport members, and transport fees.


School admin can manage a hostel, hostel room, hostel members, and hostel fee.

Mail & SMS

School admin can send Mail and SMS to all students, guardians, teachers, and employees.


News, Notices and Holidays, etc. can be announced by the school administrator for all students or staff.


Discounts, fee types, fee collection, invoice manage, due fees, email and SMS due fee, income head, income, expenditure head, expenditure, etc. are managed by the school administrator.


Income report, expenditure report, invoice report, balance report, library report, student attendance report, and more are generated by school admin.

Front-end - School Website

School admin manages Front-end website, slider, theme, and front-end settings.


Have our expert reaching out to you and discuss the solution that will help you solve business challenges with its robust features as well as delight the future users with impeccable UX.